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  1. Promotion Participant confirms that he is familiar with the contents of the terms and conditions and accepts them.
  2. Organizer of the promotion is VOLTERRA Aleksandra Boroń (owner of Delirium Horror House) called ”Organizer” hereafter.
  3. Promotion starts 15.08.2016 and lasts until further notice.
  4. Voucher may be used only during Promotion period.
  5. To take part in Promotion participant must bring the discount voucher and gather a group of 6 people. Voucher should be presented to Delirium Horror House staff member before ticket purchase.
  6. Discount voucher warrants one of 6 participants to one free entrance to Delirium Horror House. Voucher may be used once.
  7. Group of 6 participants may use only one voucher “Once again for free” within a visit. Other 5 participants may still use vouchers mentioned in point 8.
  8. List of acceptable vouchers available for other members of the group:
    a) „Boisz się o 10% taniej”
    b) „Boisz się o 20% taniej”
    c) „Boisz się o 50% taniej”
    d) „Boisz się w 100% za darmo”
  9. We don’t accept vouchers during special events.
  10. Vouchers have no cash value and may not be exchanged for cash.
  11. Delirium House staff member may refuse to accept the voucher if submitted voucher seems to be suspicious or false.
  12. The organizer reserves the right to change the provisions of these terms and conditions in any time for any reason.